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Witches of Bergamot Bay Cozy Mysteries

The Witches of Bergamot Bay Cozy Mysteries are full of magic, mystery, and more than a little snark. They feature one loving-but-nutty family, a helpful-but-demanding crow, and a sheriff's deputy with the most sizzling stare this side of the Mississippi. Read them all and join in on the fun!

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Oh Spell No

Witches of Bergamot Bay Book 1

Which is crazier—that I’m a murder suspect, or a witch?

Maggie March is a city girl through and through. What's she supposed to do with a beachfront cottage inherited from a great aunt she never knew in tiny Bergamot Bay, Georgia?

Sell it, of course! If she can survive the trip…

Maggie's plans go awry the moment she steps foot in Bergamot Bay. First, she offends the richest—and meanest—lady in town. Next, she gets in the middle of a lovers quarrel. And before the day is out, she discovers she has a whole family she never knew about.

A family of witches, to be exact. And they say she’s one too.

Before Maggie can figure out if they’re pulling her leg or just plain crazy, she discovers a dead body in her backyard. To top it all off, Bergamot Bay’s most eligible bachelor—and deputy sheriff—decides she’s the prime suspect!

  • Can Maggie catch the killer before they strike again?

  • Is she doomed to remain on Deputy Cameron Cooper’s bad side forever?

  • And is her new-found family nuts, or is her life far more magical than she ever expected?

Things are heating up down in Bergamot Bay, and Maggie’s in for the adventure of her life—as long as she can dodge death!

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Spell in High Heels

Witches of Bergamot Bay Book 2

Can Maggie save her crazy aunt from a murder charge?

Maggie March is just getting her feet under her in Bergamot Bay. She’s got a cottage by the sea, a job in a coffee shop, and—oh, yeah—she’s learning magic.

Because she’s a witch!

Maggie’s only mastered a few spells when her motorcycle-riding, stiletto-wearing, purple-haired Aunt Cherry roars into town for a high school reunion. But when Cherry’s high-school flame turns up dead in the gymnasium, everything goes topsy-turvy.

Maggie is sure that Cherry is innocent, no matter what the town gossip says. But as evidence stacks against Cherry, Maggie has to decide how far she’ll go to save her kooky relation.

  • Can Maggie get Deputy Cam Cooper to see that Cherry’s being framed?

  • Just what is Cam doing outside Maggie’s cottage the night he saves her from an intruder?

  • And can a new witch just coming into her powers stop a dastardly plot to put an innocent woman in jail?

Life in Bergamot Bay was supposed to be quiet, but Maggie can’t rest until she clears her aunt’s name for good!

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Spell in a Handbasket

Witches of Bergamot Bay Book 3

Maggie’s best friend is in jail for murder, and it’s up to Maggie to get her out!

Maggie loves her new life in Bergamot Bay, learning spells and serving up lattes at her best friend Penny’s coffee shop. If only Arden Whitrose—the world’s meanest social-media witchfluencer—hadn’t taken it upon herself to ruin Penny’s name and destroy the cafe.

Maggie tries to tell Penny that it’ll all blow over, but she has no idea how right she is. Arden never gets a chance to follow through on her threats—because she’s poisoned at a picnic the next day!

All fingers point to Penny, but Maggie knows that can’t be true. Sure, Penny catered the picnic. And yeah, Penny lost her temper. And fine, Penny might have told Arden to back off—or else.

But murder? Penny would never. Only, she does seem to be hiding something, and it’s not helping her case.

  • Why is Penny keeping secrets from her best friend?

  • Can Maggie help Cam nab the real killer instead?

  • And speaking of Cam, what’s his big secret—and why is he determined to keep Maggie in the dark?

One thing’s for sure—life in Bergamot Bay can’t go back to normal until the killer is caught. And after Cam kisses Maggie on the beach one night…maybe not even then!

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Spell if I Know

Witches of Bergamot Bay Book 4

When a fake psychic gets for-real murdered, Maggie’s on the case!

When Maggie and her cousin Xander take one of Cornelia Darlington-Lodge’s ghost tours, they’re expecting thrills and chills—and maybe some answers about the woman in white, the ghost who haunts Maggie’s house.

But when the ghost tour leads to a fake psychic, which leads to a real séance, and an even real-er murder? Things get a little complicated.

Especially when Xander ends up the prime suspect!

Maggie’s determined to clear Xander’s name, but the more she investigates, the more confusing things get.

  • If Madame Emerald was a fake psychic, why are real spirits appearing at her séances?

  • Who is the woman in white, and what’s her connection to Maggie?

  • And just what do were-meerkats have to do with all of this?

With a little help from Deputy Cam Cooper and her familiar, Mr. Crow, Maggie dives deep into Bergamot Bay’s spooky past, but can she untangle the truth from lies in time to save Xander’s future?

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Spell of a Time

Witches of Bergamot Bay Book 5

Can Maggie solve the murder of the richest witch in Bergamot Bay?

When Maggie caters a party on the Walker family’s estate, she thinks she’s in for a quiet evening of canapés and canasta. But what she gets is much more dramatic: gold-digging stepmothers, exiled heirs, black sheep brothers, and daughters who burn with ambition.

And murder—can’t forget that!

When Augustus Walker, the family patriarch, is found dead the morning after the party, his children push to call it natural causes. But when Cam and Maggie discover that poison played a role, Maggie knows they need to look beneath the surface.

  • Did Augustus Walker make a new will before he died?

  • What skeletons lie in the Walker family’s closet?

  • And are Maggie’s friends, Vero and Trey, involved in the murder, or just innocent bystanders?

Rich witches sure like their secrets, but Maggie will do what it takes to expose the truth!

Bay’s spooky past, but can she untangle the truth from lies in time to save Xander’s future?

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What the Spell?

Witches of Bergamot Bay Book 6

A killer conference brings magic and murder to Bergamot Bay!

Bergamot Bay is hosting the annual conference for the Society for Praeternatural Investigation, Documentation, Exploration, and Research (SPIDER), and Penny and Maggie are catering the opening reception.

Maggie’s prepared for a night of academic witches arguing over 18th-century esoterica, but when the keynote speaker turns up dead, the conference goes from deadly boring to just plain deadly.

Thaddeus Macleod was a renowned magical scholar, but it turns out nobody liked him very much. Just about every witch at the conference had reason to want Macleod dead, and it’s up to Maggie and Cam to figure out which witch wiped him off the map.

  • Was Macleod’s marriage as stable as his wife claims?

  • Were his magical feuds more than just fights over footnotes?

  • And is academic magic more dangerous than Maggie ever realized?

As her skill in witchcraft grows, Maggie will need everything she’s got to solve her most complicated case yet!

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